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Aviation Articles, Page 1:


  1. UK Queen Elizabeth Class Aircraft Carriers - This article discusses why the UK has made a poor decision to develop super-size aircraft carriers from which to operate the A/STOVL F-35B fighter.

  2. Novel engines with configurations bespoke to particular aircraft concepts are often ignored by the S&T community despite their potential for massive fuel savings or performance breakthroughs  (the Harrier RR Pegasus is an example that, to the contrary, was supported....just!). Some examples of new engine approaches are provided.

  3. Aviation Strategy Locomotive - Advanced Technology Demonstrators (ATDs) can be "locomotives" and haul a technology base forward - it is important that  ATDs are worthy and well chosen - too often poor choices have been made. 

  4. Letter to RAeS making identifying weaknesses with the procurment of the new UK super-Aircraft Carriers.

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