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Useful Briefings, Page 1:


The briefings on this page are freely available for personal use and are provided without commercial value.  


  1. Impaired Programs - Programs fail for a variety of reasons and a process is required to identify problems and to put them right - these charts review this type of process that was used successfully to recover the A160 program

  2. Following the above Impaired Programs - this process to recover Impaired Programs is reviewed as a practicable Business Model

  3. LongbowMyth - What was the value of the Longbow at Agincourt?

  4. SpokeWheel - A useful 'New Start' brief format that stays consistent with the Heilmeier objectives.

  5. 'End of the World' - Twenty threats to mankind, that lie beyond terrorism that might interest Homeland Security

  6. Addresses the value of aeronautics flight demonstrators


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